Our magnificent director, Jessi D. Hill, is recognized for her fantastic work with an Overall Excellence award from FringeNYC! We couldn’t  be more proud (and we couldn’t agree more!)


Four stars from Time Out NY! With a shout to our “stellar all-female cast“, Anna Ben Yehudi writes “As the play mixes Christmas-dinner-gone-awry family dynamics with mystical plot points that keep the audience wondering what’s going on, the actors create a sense of real sisterhood. Within the strange world that Barsotti has created, they keep the play at a lively boil . . . “You and me, sister,” the sisters’ official dueling challenge, deserves to cross over into popular use.

Theatre Is Easy‘s Sarah Weber: “Barsotti’s intriguing script is brought to life by heartfelt performances. The cast works off each other so organically you could believe they are sisters . . . Claire Warden’s purposefully ungraceful fight choreography also helps set the dark and raw tone of the show. Some moments feel like the actors are actually brawling on stage. And considering the number of actors on such a small stage, Jessi D. Hill’s direction uses the space wisely—though there is always something going on in every corner, it is always clear where your focus should be.”

BREWED is certainly a valuable contribution to the growing trend of majority female productions (including both cast and creative team). Having female characters who shamelessly expose their flaws and their violence is an exciting defiance of gender roles . . . BREWED has a voice to offer in discussions of feminism and women in theatre.”

Hi! Drama blogger Eva Heinemann: “Jessi D. Hill directs this riveting drama with beguiling appeal . . . the actors were all so commanding . . . BREWED is boiling over with talent.”

Another shout-out from The Huffingon Post, calling us one of six “women-led Fringe shows to see before it’s too late!”

We’ve landed on three best bets lists of FringeNYC! Check out the entire tally at ZealNYC, also picked up by The Huffington Post, and the roundup at ShowScore (and thanks – we can’t wait for you to see the show!) announces the NYC premiere of BREWED!

Our brand-new teaser trailer just dropped:

A little love from Timeout New York as part of their summer preview of Fringe – thanks Timeout!

Check out the three shows they name-dropped here:


About the play – press from previous productions:

“What does it mean when loyalty among sisters might in fact be a dirty word? What happens when you can’t turn your back on a person who may be psychotic? What happens when all that estrogen starts to resemble testosterone? I suspect it would look a little something like “Brewed.” – Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

“Haunted by past trauma and resentment, the six sisters fight bitterly over their burden while holding their family together. Brewed creates a thoroughly twisted fantasy world, but the conflict is all in the relationships, grounding this dark and gritty take on gender roles, fairy tales and family drama . . . The physical violence is effective, even grisly, and no one comes out unscathed. But the play works beyond its shock value because the emotional struggle is just as vicious as the physical violence, making Brewed’s heightened world all the more relatable.” – Aeneas Sagar Hemphil, Timeout Chicago

Press shots from our production:

Rachel Jenison, Deb Radloff, Aubrey Saverino & Stephanie Roetzel (photo by Eric Pargac)
Deb Radloff, Danielle O’Farrell, Rachael Jenison, Aubrey Saverino & Stephanie Roetzel (Photo by Eric Pargac)
Stephanie Roetzel & Alexis McGuinness (Photo by Eric Pargac)