the agony & the ecstasy (of crowdfunding)

“Asking for money to do a project you care about is a petri dish for your imposter syndrome. This isn’t comping your friends into a show, confident what you have to offer is worth two hours of their time. It isn’t getting drinks on your birthday – when you’ll have the turnaround to do the same for them. This is their cash you’re talking about – their worked for, valued money that they use for bills and kids and keeping a roof over their heads.” (click for more)

BREWED – Bumps and Bruises

“I’m beyond thrilled that BREWED is coming to the Fringe. To me, it’s what the Fringe is all about. It toes the lines between fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. And yet, it’s about family. It’s about traditions and obligation. It’s somewhere between comedy and tragedy. It’s honest but strange. Like the black sheep, it resists labels.”
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